Are 5sos homophobic?

alcohol store server: can i see your ID please?
me: touch this skin, darling, touch this skin honey, touch all of this skin! okay? you just can't take it!

@Jose I didn’t know you went hord for Madonna like that tbh

Reply to this post with your favorite album I’m bored


The Beautiful Princess Ruto

There’s two songs that soothe me always and they’re You Gotta Be and XO

Desree - You Gotta Be
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my logic and thinking as a janet jackson fan:
me: you don't like janet jackson? is it because you're a racist, a sexist, or a slut shamer? janet jackson INVENTED concept albums, interludes, and the chair dance! janet invented sex! janet created industrial dance music! janet jackson was the first person to speak up against street harassment, racism, AIDS, domestic abuse, depression, S&M, homophobia, gang violence, teenage pregnancy, suicide, and homelessness! your favorites would NOT exist without janet inspiring them today. janet is why the FCC exists!
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